SWORKz S35-4 1/8 Pro Nitro Buggy Kit

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Model: SW-910035

Price: 13,500,000đ



· New T7075 Hard Anodized, Lightend Aluminium Chassis
· New Wide Chassis Design
· New Lower Shock Towers
· New Shorter Shock Bodies
· New Shorter Shock Shafts
· New Shock Caps
· New Shorter Front Shock Springs
· New Fixed Shock Spring Holder
· New 3mm Updated Rear Shock Studs
· New Ackerman Plate
· New Steering System
· New Servo Saver Aluminium Part
· New Servo Saver Fixable Nut
· New Servo Saver Plate
· New Servo Saver Post Locking Design
· New Steering Balls
· New Steering Knuckle Plates
· New Updated Toe In Plates with Square Inserts
· New Lightweight Wing Mount
· New Side Guards
· New Lower Front and Rear Arms
· New Body Posts Front and Rear
· New Composite Rear Hubs with Carbon Plates
· New Multi Adjustable Ball System for Rear Upper Arms
· New Anticlock Screws for Shocks
· New Aerodinamically Optimized Body Shell
· 3 HET Differentials Included
· 2 Front Chassis Braces Included
· Black Competition Shock Springs Included
· Adjustable Wing Position
· Adjustable Wing Angle
· More Balance Weight Positions
· Stronger Downstop Area
· Optimized Composite Material
· Aluminium Parts in T7075