Serpent SRX8 Truggy GP 1/8 4WD

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Model: SER600059

Price: 17,500,000đ

Serpent SRX8 Truggy GP 1/8 4wd The wait is over……After over 8 years, Serpent has answered the call of the wild, and is proud to introduce the all new SRX8-T. Transforming the already successful SRX8 platform into a Truck was not just expected, but a necessity. With countless years of learning our original S811T platform, we embarked on a mission to create a vehicle that would raise the bar of expectation in the truggy category. Considering all key factors: performance, reliability, durability, ease of assembly as well as maintenance, coupled with all new suspension geometry we feel this new truggy is poised for success. Using all of our high quality metals, plastics and rubber, we spared zero when it came to building the best product we could. During testing the truck was nothing short of exceptional, jumping was improved, traction improved, balance improved, durability improved, this is simply the best truggy we have ever produced. Without Further a due, let’s get started with all the new features of the SRX8-T